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lirik lagu james reyne – the traveller


well it’s a hard time for the traveller
and it’s a high time for the poor
something’s very wrong here
this key won’t fit the door
i’m gonna call a lawyer
gonna call the president
sure i heard the words you said
i just don’t know what you meant

won’t manhandle anymore
just wanna tell the world i’m home
yes i’m home
slide over baby
your bad dream’s back again

got a rifle – totin’ man
he’s got a shot-gun in his hand
we don’t care no more
we’ve got a dead – bolt on the door
tonight we’re gonna see who wins
we’re gonna suffer for our sins
we’re gonna knock down all the windows
we’re gonna let the cold wind blow


i don’t understand the bother
appreciate the fuss
fogging up the windows
on a big fat greyhound bus
everybody’s talkin’
there’s such a carry on
by the time they form a posse’
i’ll be long gone

i’m home
i’m back
i’m home
ooh alright baby
your bad dream’s back again