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lirik lagu james fortune – it could be worse


it could be worse
(feat. leandria johnson & zacardi cortez)

[verse 1:]
you’ve been saying that you’re tired of going through
seems like everyone else is blessed but you
preacher telling you, your miracle is on the way
paid your t-thes, you’re confused cause your rent is late

[pre chorus:]
so you may not have a mansion in a gated neighborhood
but at least you have a roof over your head
you say your body needs a healing, well the healer’s here today

praise now, it could be worse, praise now it could be worse

[verse 2:]
you complain about the job that you don’t like
do your best, working hard they don’t treat your right
boss is telling you, your raise is coming soon
with no notice, you’re laid off, what do you do

[pre chorus:]
you’ve been waiting on your blessing
don’t you know you’re already blessed
you should thank the lord for what you already have
if it wasn’t for jesus, tell me where would you be



praise now it could be worse