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lirik lagu jae fiend (toucanxan) – pam anderson


watch her bounce, ay she dance on my d~ck like a ballerina
2 pills in my system, might f~ck around have a seizure
i’m juggling, these racks, so much bread, strugglin to keep up
just double it, i swear my wallet actin like a xerox
can’t fumble no bag again, i’m stayin focused
ay the cash was just vanishing, swipe and reload it
don’t slack, boi there’s more bans to get, stupid you know this
scammed a white b~tch, pam anderson, no don’t give no sh~ts
just made 10 bans off my laptop
gettin coin from a brick like mario
hit my mans for the pack when i’m on the road
xan or the perc b~tch i got em both
where you gеt these, you ain’t gotta know
send a pack in thе ma~nilla envelope
was tweakin off the sh~ts in the hospital
found 4 different drugs in my follicles
only f~ck with you cuz you profitable
just finessed a dumb college ho
had bans at school, f~ck a honor roll
got levis, boi don’t talk you broke
3.5 in my fronto rolled
keep sight for the po po, b~tch i’m
knee high in that dope smoke
like yo b~tch i’m gon blow
she suck me up, her throat sore
got a coffee cup, get that fo poured
goin hard as f~ck for my kinfolk
need that new whip, i’m a pound away
stay out my way, i got pounds to weigh
too much dough, i can’t count the cake
oh no, you broke boi, boi our lives do not sound the same
blunt like a pole boi, yea i smoke like a ounce a day
secure the bag before that sh~t just go down the drain
cost of your rent and my outfit the same