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lirik lagu jaden howard – when i’m finished


shawty don’t love me you know imma treat her bad
all that woofin on the net make a n~gga mad
n~gga why you cappin you ain’t got sh~t up yo sleeve
stupid b~tch ass hoe, lil n~gga whatchu believe

why you talking why you made, do yo ass in with that heat
n~gga what you smoking, wanted 5k for that feat
on these days that feel like you and me
man i thought you really loved me, guess its true that love is blind

a was racking up that money saving up for some dumb sh~t
only time i spend that money is if i need a hit
talking to that other n~gga, really don’t know what i was thinking
n~gga selling me that sh~t, well f~ck you it started blinking

my brain so messed up all these rappers flowing through
we hit you with them hollow, and them shots they coming through
lil n~gga ain’t on sh~t he ain’t even gotta crew
lil n~gga on my hit list, he wonderin what he gonna do

talking, all that woofin out gone drop nun
all them n~ggas out here screamin cuz i dropped somethin
if i die find that n~gga imma beat him up
n~gga out here runnin his mouth, imma heat him up

went up top, passed it to my shawty if the police hot
n~ggas out here saying they crippin, when they really not
i can’t cap, but i’ll rob a n~gga if i need some cash
b~tch all you gotta do is shake that ass
they i got mail lil n~gga who got mailed
my n~gga prepare for his trial, so much cash he got bailed
bullet gonna stick to his mouth like a tumor
all them n~ggas know me, too official to clear up a rumor

feeling like a rapstar, shoutout to polo (convertible)
n~ggas out here claiming sh~t, getting shouts on my yolo