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lirik lagu jack rootes – memories



here’s to memories
and all our dreams
i think of you
and all we’ve been through
cannot pretend
until the end
‘till the day that i die
in my heart, you’ll reside

[verse 1]

every now and then, i think back to my school days
working hard on my work, while the fools play
had the perfect attendance, always
playing music from my ipod in the hallways
my brain gettin’ worked out like athletics
only thing i worried ’bout was my academics
sittin’ in the library, doing homework often
kept to myself, stayin’ outta playground gossip

from year 7 all the way to year 11
perfect inner harmony whenever i would step in
from the classrooms, settings so sublime
to the drama club i’d attend on friday lunchtime
but alas, it’s no good playing pretend;
sooner or later, good things come to an end
i had to say goodbye to my school membership
so every now and then, i lie back and reminisce

[verse 2]

i wanna have some time, where’s my day’s booked
lookin’ through my old friends on facebook
some of them i don’t even have to ~n~lyse
some others i don’t even recognise
all of them out livin’ life happily
some have partners, others started families
some share their journeys, when they go miles
some left the past behind, leaving empty profiles

yeah, old friendships that i recite
i wonder if there’ll be a day where we reunite
maybe back at school or at familiar places
where we forget names, but remember faces
where we talk about the past and our old ways
and how much since then our lives have changed
share some final laughs before we part ways
i swear to god man, i long for that day


[verse 3]
one thought in my mind i cannot smite:
if they ever saw my name in the spotlight
would they remember the good times we shared?
when it seemed like we never really cared
’bout what the world would throw right at us
’till we’re holdin’ up our issues like our name is atlas
i know it’s unhealthy to cling to the past
but i wish the moments in those days would last

still got my signed shirt, no sign of it jaded
on my bedroom wall, some of the names faded
messages of good lucks and all the best wishes
messages ending with shares of smiles and kisses
many places in my mind became such treasuries
’cause i love you all, so thanks for the memories
so now i pour a drink to ’round out the day
hold it to the sky as i propose a toast and say~