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lirik lagu jack rootes – limbo


[verse 1]

same sh~t, different day
feels like the world won’t change
why do i feel so worthless?
what the f~ck is my purpose?
tryin’ to live life the best i can
but it’s hard for a young man
so even when life is so clear
i gotta ask why i’m still here?!

’cause i feel stuck in a cycle
wish i could escape & earn a title
every single day, wake up alone
only change is the date on my phone
get outta bed, feel like a mess
just wish i could go back instead
a world of potential, but sadly
i’d rather dream than face reality!

but i know i’m not the only one
lookin’ for anything that’ll give us fun
before we go completely insane
we turn to whatever, to calm our brains
in the end, is it in vain? ’cause i detest
all this f~cking stress built up in my head!
i’m sick of sulking in this silence!
how do i break out, like a d~mn virus?!


i’ve been running for a while, away from all the stress
i don’t know when will be my next chance to get a rest
has there been a change? well, i’ve heard & saw zero
going in circles, feels like i’m in limbo

[verse 2]

i feel like i’m spinnin’ now
any minute i could end up fallin’ down
things around never change their ways
feel like i’m stuck in groundhog day
or happy death day, one of the two
do you feel the same way i do?
every day, hearing the same d~mn sounds~
(is there a way off this merry go round?!)

i swear this life at times gets scary
i feel hot ‘n’ cold, like katy perry!
i feel so sour, like a blackberry
feelin’ so small, like a canary!
tell me, how the f~ck can i chill
when my life hardly has any thrill?
so many problems are underlying
wish i could end this life without dying!

i’ll do anything for a change!
before i end up going insane!
stress levels feelin’ bottomless
feels so f~ckin’ monotonous!
it’s supposed to my life?
why does it feel like i’m wastin’ time?
‘cause repeats in it are so lame!
‘bout to breakout, like the video game!


[verse 3]

really does, make you wonder
as your heart rumbles like thunder
how much stress can a man take
before his heart & mind breaks?
catches you off guard, hit and run
not just me, could be anyone
that could lose, their mind
as they’re up on the daily grind

life can sometimes cost you a dream
goin’ through cycles like a washing machine
we eat, sleep, work, then repeat
throwin’ away, all of our dreams
as i go through life, that’s what i see;
it could be possible, it could be me
watching my dreams, decompose
guess that’s how life goes, i suppose

but i never try and be a daniel downer
even when i look for fun like a browser
there are opinions we can voice
decisions in life are your choice
life has so many funny ways
every day can be a sunny day
so i try and make life less grey
even at times that i say~