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lirik lagu jack hardy – tobacco shed


[verse 1]
the spigot bar, muniemaker cigars
connecticut’s finest on a friday afternoon
sewn~in nametags, teddy, zeke and carl
outside in the parking lot some very used cars
inside miller high life and pbr
on a hot and forgotten friday afternoon

[verse 2]
further downtown but not that far
in the bowels of the tallest building sits the marble pillar
a different kind of clientele, different set of regulars
smokin’ fidel’s finest, german beer and waiters named charlеs
temporary nametags they just forgot to takе off
like they try to forget everything on a friday afternoon

[instrumental break]

[verse 3]
‘longside the river on a road of dusty tar
the distant spires of colt industries, a gift from the tsar
makers of the m~16 rifle and the pearl~handled pistols custer took too far
on an afternoon of lost causes we ducked into a barn
me and that girl in the calico dress so lithe and angular
in the indian summer heat of a friday afternoon
[verse 4]
eyes adjust to the dim light of the door let ajar
the pungent scent of tobacco leaves hanging from the spars
curing in the cool shade for those muniemaker cigars
and in that cool shade i was cured of something in particular
by that girl in the calico dress whose fingernails left scars
on a very unforgettable friday afternoon
i said, a very unforgettable friday afternoon



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