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lirik lagu ​j solomon – nocturne


i thought i saw a bird
fly way above the lake
i thought that it was still too cold
but that’s my mistake
cuz the trees were blooming leaves
in all their shades of green
and everything i thought i knew was never what it seemed

at night i stare into the distance
wondering how i got this far
but the moon, she’s so inconsistent
so i’m just left singing to the stars

the sky was changing too
the grey, it turned to blue
i sat there as the day went by
and watched it start anew
the sun was fat and red
before it went to bed
it asked the moon to take its place
somewhere above my head

and i’m still hoping and wishing
i’ll find out what i may be
but the stars are far too distant
so i’m just left singing to the trees

and in the stormy night
my room, it held the light
i sat there with a pen in hand
and i would try to write
my mind would leave my brain
run away like p-ssing trains
i stayed up with the thunder
but i fell asleep by rain

and i write in hopes i’ll make a difference
i will try to make these wrongs turn right
but the trees, the stars, the moon, never listen
so i’m left singing to the night

until i’m
wasted away
like stains on a carpet
starship’s away
and it’s
too late to stop it
up and away
we’ll be there soon
the dark side of the moon