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lirik lagu j geils band – piss on the wall


(peter wolf/seth justman) – 1981
now some people think the world is what it ain’t
to some i’m a sinner, to others a saint
some folks say the world ain’t what is is
all i know is i just got to take a wiz
where am i goin’ and where have i been
my head’s in the clouds and my tail’s in a spin
jumpin’ out of planes for the thrill of it all
then i bounce back and take a p-ss on the wall
politics – shmolitics
they oughta save their breath
mean streak – blue streak
they sentence me to death
harangue me from a tree
twist and shout until i crawl
do the flip – do the flop
p-ss on the wall
well the yanks hate the reds
and the greeks hate the turks
i really hate to say it
but they’re all a bunch of jerks
seems like everybody’s shakin’
’cause the big one’s ’bout to fall
i’m just tryin’ to hold it steady while i
p-ss on the wall