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lirik lagu j.d the anarchist – obsidian


(yeah, wait)
(yeah, yeah)
(aye, yeah)
(yeah, yeah)

had the b~tch suck my d~ck thru the weekend
when i hop out the whip, why you tweaking?
and i love a bad b~tch, puerto rican
only n~gga to ball out of season
and my flow is so nasty repulsive
when i d~ck a b~tch down, she convulsive
only reason i f~ck, i’m impulsive
and i stay in my bag, i’mma culprit
hop out that motherf~cker
slang d~ck and i love mothers
run trains til we blood brothers
can’t n0body f~ck with us
can’t a motherf~cker f~ck with us
(yeah, yeah)
hop out that suv
and i brought a vest with me
ain’t n0body besting me
went to mcc
b~tch i am a mvp
made a n~gga rest in peace
bet the lil n~gga don’t do sh~t
money got a n~gga acting foolish
had to knock that boy out, now he toothless
my n~ggas ain’t playing they ruthless
don’t let that top drop or they shooting
and that bop giving top, so she choosing
let me hop out the spot for some movement
don’t try to finesse, what you doing?
(aye, yeah)
run up on this
let the boy come, he gone eat the whole clip
keep a .45 on the side of my hip
n~gga try me, he gone end up in a ditch