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lirik lagu iwrestledabearonce – see you in shell


he’s gone tonight.
he’s claiming the throne.
grant us some mercy.
for you know nothing of the mess.
you’re leaving behind.

he shuffles the queen around,
in a deck of cards.
i’m still trying to find answers to mend this broken heart.

ode to my father.
ode to my father.
(it’s over, my father, it’s over).

it’s this years addiction.
watching you walk out the door.
the stench of the last look you gave to me.

you’re a perfectionist when it comes to it.

it saddens me to know you could start a new life.
leaving everything behind.
now i am left to pick up the broken pieces.
when i never asked to be here in the first place.
and it lives with me every day.

down a wh-r-‘s throat.
runnin’ around,
runnin’ around,
runnin’ around round.
down a wh-r-‘s throat.

now i am left to st-tch up the pieces-
and we’ll give it a shot to live on