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lirik lagu isaia huron – mary ellen


bless my eyes
what i’ve seen in you has come to pass in time
pass in time
when i found you
i knew you had a ways to go, but i saw through
i saw through

how did i let you
slip away from me like…
like you do in my dreams?
do you speak of me?
’cause you’re all i dream about
on a daily, yeah

look at you now
might i’ve seen the glory days that come your way
would have made you stay
and work it out
instead of letting you walk away from me like…
like we don’t mean nothin’

let’s just chill
and take it slow
and do it like we know
like we know

mary, i’m still the same old love
same old love you knew
love you knew

i shouldn’t have let you walk away from me like…
like you do in my dreams, dreams, dreams, oh, no
forget all the mistakes, tell me you miss me
’cause my, my hopes are high

[vocal montage]

my hopes are high, high, high
my hopes are high, yeah, high
my hopes are high, yeah
yeah, yeah