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lirik lagu instalok – server’s down


i was six k!lls up
i can carry my entire team
just try to stop my k!lling spree
wait, why am i stuck?
i keep trying to cl!ck on the ground
i think the server might be down

the server’s down

i was all farmed up
all this gold that i had tried to save
will end up being such a waste
this is just my luck
but i’m checking my connection now
i think the server might by down

(server’s down)
server’s down
(server’s down)
the server’s down
(raging now)
the server’s down

i can reconnect
for the second time i’m relogging
in hopes to fix my maxed out ping
what did i expect?
i don’t know if i should stick around
i’m sure the server must be down

hey, the game’s back up
how the h-ll did they all get 18?
why did n0body else dc?
we’re catching back up
yeah, i’m pushing and we’re nexus bound
oh cr-p! once more the server’s down