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lirik lagu insane poetry – bullet for my valentine


girl: i was really f-cked up, i was with the girls …
dude: f-ckin’ perfect, you really f-ck
girl: (indiscriminate muttering)
dude: yes, yes, you better f-ckin’ explain!!!!
and then whay? you didn’t try anything?
you f-cked up

[verse 1: cyco]
i can’t believe it
it really had to come to this
you were my soulmate
why was you so fake?
you had no faith
in our relationship
that f-ckin’ vanity
had you up in sames grit
i knew you were makin’ chips
and i was slavin’ at the 9 to 5
patiently waitin’
for my time to shine
after three month
we plan to have a child
thought it would slow you down
stop you from actin’ wild