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lirik lagu ideas – without words


we’re travelling, the far east waits for us,
we’re called by the destination flying above the clouds,
we’re deeply looking at each other’s glance
even without words our thoughts expressed.

yet don’t know what tomorrow brings,
on the sunlit town’s strange streets
every day is a secret in regard to the future,
but the time is p-ssing, and the life won’t stop.

after a hard day,
with my dear so calming’s a walk
but something still upsets me
couse i feel myself watched.
reaching the square, coming out of the alley,
a ring of strange faces suddently surrounds me,
but an old hand helps me again
and when we’re coming to our sense,
we already runaway.

who’s this old man,
helps us on our way, rising from nothing?
never talking about secrets,
though in troubles saves us in silence.
now he comes with us and won’t disappear,
he may tells us why he’s hear
but he wouldn’t say a word, just follows us,
and the three of us comes back from the east.

dreams witch come back,
mysteries live deeply in me,
secrets ensnare my life,
thoughts speechless, without words