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lirik lagu icey bby – viva la vie trap


a real n-gguh back
with a second mixtape
and a whole lotta trap
yea, icey got hard on em
seen a lotta sh-t
and the summer just started
started from bottom, you r-t-rded, i departed
i’m on a new level
sticking out like a bevel
that’s what q say
b-ss knockin, f-ck the treble
few homies turned to angels
we ain’t rockin with devil
but i swear that we be living
just sinning, defending the cause
my n-gguh donxkhalil got the whip
so i’m never in my car
and you can catch us shooting for the stars
shining from afar
really i be feeling like clouds so foul how they crowd around me hard
never cared for that
but this super star rap
puts the city on my back
clean my lap
fl!ckin ashes from the black
matter fact
that’s khalil again
getting all this money guess that karma is my biggest fan
don’t you see me man
popped out so hot now
spending then getting it over who sober(not me)
viva la vie trap
you know that i dont eat that
meat bruh since back in the day
187 f-ckin with the 18tre
aye i be too turnt
f-ck what they say i’m immortal don’t hurt
i got hittas over there i got stains in the burbs
it don’t matter i don’t care where you from you can disperse
this is viva la vie trap
trap trap trap
trap trap trap drill
viva la vie trap trap drill

one take charlie!