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lirik lagu i dreamt the sea – soul contract


i need to find some solidarity
this silence is f~cking k!lling me
i can’t stand another moment of this tidal flow, i’m drained, i’m drowned, i’m slipping away
although my minds been racing, my heart lay still, and with these sober thoughts i can say that i’ve found
i’ve found the things that i’ve been searching for alive within this abandoned body
leave the sea, to the sea, and let us float along
wait your whole life for your heaven, something to forgive your wrongs, but i, i’ve seen what lies ahead
it’s nothing better or worse than what i’ve imagined
i hate to be thе one to say we’ve got nowhеre to go
sleep will be my only haven
my saving grace through this living grave
i’ve built this casket for you, but i’ll be the one entombed
i can not breathe, i can not speak
i can’t
i can not breathe, i can not speak, i can not breathe
i’m torn in two