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lirik lagu hodgy beats – if heaven is a ghetto


if heaven is a ghetto

if heaven’s a ghetto, i want to live in the suburbs
where the two-way streets have lovebirds
i’m minimizing my cuss words
no absurd, crip in the blood work or knowing how a gun work
drugs church, surrounded by my upbringing
pops ain’t the one providing, at six i’m up singing
this is my the contribution of what’s bringing the luck
of the child in the truck when he shows up breathing
they never heard of heat when he used to speak
or exquisite, no requisite for appet-te
spit like an athlete, produce like an apple tree
and it’s b-st-rd to be casket-free
f-ck roses, when i die i want a photo shoot
that lasting greatness you’ll doc-ment, i’m opulent
yeah the opposite gon’ cop a sit, sick while i drop a sh-t
i’m out this b-tch, n-gg-, i’m calculate

n-gg-s tell me i fail, i bounce back off of that
send your hate through the mail, i bounce back off of that
you don’t see me in jail, i’m at home taking naps
full course meal, no scr-ps

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