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lirik lagu hodgy beats – cookie coma


cookie coma

okay, okay
everybody celebrate like it’s a holiday
let me guide the way, no it isn’t fathers day
or mothers day but the other day
i had a dream i wasn’t k
he slang that yay got done away
in the r-ct-m of the hood and i ain’t sprung to say
guns don’t protect them for the good
but they f-ckin’ spray
afrochines sucha bad cold dream
i’m dreamin’ it’s reality, it struggles and it battles me
they wanna fry me like they battered me
i’m a diamond they can’t shatter me
through casualty i’m’ actively transparent to a brand clarence
i probably would be deceased if it wasn’t for my grandparents
papa was a pastor, grandma the pastor’s wife
slit your writs and swallow knives, b-tch it’s super six for life
i’m too legit for life, i should get a grip and die
f-ckin’ take a trip and fly and never come down
i be in my own world, gold teeth in my crown
b-tch i travel round the world, like n-gg- f-ck yo’ town
paper plane takin’ off soon as it touch yo’ ground
who said the lost boys a never be found
you speakin’ down on odd future, it’s a f-ckin’ pr-noun
twenty-one in the league ho i’m a f-ckin’ pro now
you mainstream n-gg-s, slow down
i turn this to a ho down
wavin’ that four-four round, empty all of those rounds
on some wild wild wild west sh-t
death will probably be next pick to exit
i’m sick of all these bullsh-t hoes, i got responsibilities
she feelin’ me as i’m fe- feelin’ on her t-t-t-tes
to do infinity, i’m the remedy to a penalty
for once i take this sh-t genially, generally
i’m takin’ shots like kennedy, like f-ck the enemy
whatever enters me is meant to be, i am what i eat
brocoli pasta, rotisserie, dark meat
smoke weed till i feel my heart beat
drink like a alchohlicly close fit from out the closet
the art belongs to whoever draws it, at heart i’m an artist
who knows his flow is flawless
i got affection for whatever the cause is, who caused it (lemme know, lemme know)