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lirik lagu heart breaker da rapper – the demon of lust and greed (lil mar diss)


hey lil mar
you fake ass wigga
d~mn uh uh

lil mar why you act so hard
in reality your a fake ass wigga with no bars
you dream of being a p~rn star in reality
you’ll die of aids or drinking that liquor too hard
malu trevejo would never wanna date you
she’d probably rate you a 1 out of 10 cause of how ugly you are with that fat ass f~ck head of a nose
she’d suck my w~ng all day cause i’m mr handsome over here and i don’t have to pay
for a b~tch to wanna f~ck
tbh i also respect majority of women
unlike you who always be simpin
with the hoes keep it