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lirik lagu healy – cannonball


[verse 1: healy]
chances are i’ll miss my chances
and cannonball off my advances
kindled or candid, i’m falling apart
i lose all of my mind when i see your car outside
sunlit and silent~~this ultraviolence
its a matter of time before we become timeless
remind me again that i cannot rewind this
those days aren’t behind they define us

[verse 2: jcksn ave.]
i’m a sucker for sunsets
and a lot of things that don’t make sense
like my feelings for you, offset (offset)
something i can no longer resist
i don’t want to be this sensitive
should i sabotage?
painting pictures i will not live in
makes me want to cannonball

(one life, i might)
makes me wanna cannonball
(one life, on sight)
(one life, one life)

[verse 3: jcksn ave., healy]
seasons seem to change
but my feelings stay the same
oh am i the one to blame?
‘cause if i am admit it
now i’m falling for you
fallin’ for you
fallin’ for you
fallin’ for you

“you ready?”

one life
i might
on sight
know you
one life
one life
one life
won’t lie to you (x2)

[outro: jcksn ave., healy]
you take me back to
sleeping in past noon
love on the weekends
almosts and had~to’s
we’re face to face
but theres acres of sp~ce