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lirik lagu head north – tremors


the tremors never wait til i feel ready
they flood my brain with photographs of you
the waves of memories they are unending
and sp-wn from the scent of your perfume i’ve found on someone new

every night i drive my car and scream my sadness to the sea
but its not phased it will, stir for days and days long after me

maybe next year i’ll learn how to fight it
for now these fits of loneliness will do
where i’m blinded by the past so i forget what i have
and follow your reflection as it mocks me round the room

i took the long way down
so i could p-ss by your house
and see if you were gone and your light wasn’t on
so i parked three houses down
and i waited
for you to say to me
that after all this time i wasn’t the one you chose to want

i have never found where i belong