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lirik lagu haito – through the machine


the future is an expectation
society collapses
and i now that somewhere i can be free

without being judged or manipulated
because nothing is worth it if not even my self-esteem exists
now my mind turns gray and my eyes are pulverized
i do not know if anyone in this world
realized that i really am not what i appear to be
would someone have the courage to say it?
i do not believe it
the world ignores me

life rejects me and my courage evaporates
the only thing i have left is to speak through a machine
so n-body will know what is the true
meaning of this lyric and even more important
who created it
leave only my problems
that they are the cause of my death
i do not have the courage to face them
because i am a simply a begin who has
a serious problem inside his mind

it’s the right word for my gray world
for my soul
for my thoughts
for my problems
for everything that surrounds me