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lirik lagu gwar – beauteous rot


beauty is rot!

legions of s-x slaves have flocked in my calls
you are the most grotesque of them all
warts and protrusions the beg for the grave
ironic, bubonic, pimpled and shaved

the live to gobble the p-ss form my warts
i live to spread my disease at each port
distribute kn-b-cheese like some soup dellamort

you are born in the most disgusting of ways
some become cripples, some become gay
others spend their money
trying to become that way

you think you are beautiful but what the h-ll is that
i find beauty in rolls of sweaty fat
it’s not your complexion that gives me an erection, oh no

your beauty makes me sick
i’d rather f-ck a troll
kick you in the head
vomit in the hole

face turns to snot
you used to be hot
beauty is rot

you spend hours smearing cream on your face
what you need is to be hit with a mace
tied to a horse and get dragged through the streets
hung by the heels and pelted with belts

but still you are smearing cream on your face
what you need is to be reduced to paste
wander the countryside blind in one eye
sucking the d-cks of dead dogs to survive

who decides what is beautiful? n-body but you
i find fascination as your guts are turned to stew

forever t-tillating
a pile of rotting feet
all you are is brains and bones
a sack of rancid meat

yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah