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lirik lagu gutter demons – out of sight


we’re getting closer, i still can feel your touch
in the ashes of my memory
a cold silence (yeah) too early to tell
but i have lost already.
in the middle of the room, i’m waiting, standing still
there’s sparks of lights into your eyes
blinded by the warm kiss of death, why am i feeling hypnotized?

what i need is one more chance
you pull the strings, i’m rolling the dice
your pain and tears will bring me back to life
down in h-ll and out of sight

black, i can see through the dark
most of the shadows have disappear
you’re moving slow (yeah) i’m hiding in vain
i’m crawling under the ground
lost i am, trapped in your arms
you stabbed me, leaving me insane
my mind is stuck in a daze
dying in the oblivion of your charms

lost i’m leaving an empty sp-ce
you’re standing near in grace
your bl–dy red lips (yeah) touching my skin
in the flames i see your face
your look like a child under your spider disguise
even the ray of light can’t go through you web
my mind is stuck in a daze, thirsty i’m begging for more