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lirik lagu gu kem – they love, then they hate


you was messing with ma time
check what time it is
yeah we used to ball hard
now you cannot be ma friend
too ridiculous how we parted
but i swear it did me good
made a difference set the bars so high
no disrespect at all

moving to the top
mountain way too high
not made for the whack
made it to this far
deep end n~ggas hard
struggled ma way out
finding ma way out
hustle gon pay off
we got preys yet we eating ( we eating )
keep a piece n machete (machete)
watch your hommie hе gon k!ll you ( fr)
trust a friend that’s suicidal ( yeah )

traveling with ma brain
f~cking with ma faith
tеn toes in the pain
surely gonna rain
mud dirt on ma name
maggots in ma vein
man gon’ break the chains
victory gon’ prevail

never timid all solid ( all solid )
need a billie ima rob it
not a thief it’s all i wanted , (all i wanted)
n~gga i’m a pill popper , ( yeah )
made of odd habit
if i want i go get it , (go)