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lirik lagu groovie ghoulies – school is in


well the world of tomorrow’s a wonderful thing.
i ain’t got no parents, just a video screen, but the colors are soothing and the sound is all right.
i was raised on tv starting with channel two.
every day i learned something, at least one thing new.
sometimes talk, sometimes not, sometimes run, sometimes fight.
i was raised on tv, my tv was my friend.
i would make a mistake, i would make it again, but eventually it would start making sense.
yeah my school is my brain and my house is my head and it needs some repair and it should be condemned,
but that would be a mess that is somewhat intense.
my education it grows, antennas and cables.
i thought seventy channels would be enough,
but the satellite man says that my new dish can get two-hundred and twenty-five channels of stuff.