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lirik lagu grill z – is it thursday? it’s friday.


bih, i
bih, i
bih, i just woke up in a new day
i shine bright, ooh~ooh
bright, ooh~ooh

[verse 1]
(ooh~ooh) it’s friday, and i’m feelin’ alive
(uh) gonna hit the club, wit’ my gang beside
got my shoes lookin’ fly in this ride
feelin’ so good inside
yeah, let’s~

friday is the night we stay up late
whippin’, cruisin’ through the city gates
the vibe be contagious at nights like these
hear our tonality rise blowin’ wit’ the breeze

[verse 2]
yeah, let’s turn up tonight
put your hands up high, high, high
as the music starts to play
we’ll dance til’ dancebreak, ah
these years are flyin’ past us, so let’s saver every moment that lasts, mmh~mmh (sh~t)
not talkin’ about the




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