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lirik lagu god is my co-pilot – backstab


i’m a firm believer in math
& having just completed a statistical -n-lysis
of the course of my friendships
over the period of x to x’
that is, ie., since we met
the numbers show that everyone who was my friend
at point x, whom i introduced to you
is no longer my friend, but now instead
is a friend of yours
to correlate my results
i undertook fieldwork of a partic-p-nt oberver nature
i introduced myself to you as someone else
then, when i wasn’t around
i asked you about me
& i carefully noted your responses
plotting them against the same answers when
posed by me
and this is the result
thought you were my friend / but i was wrong no one but myself to blame / so i
blame you / backstab! / stabbed myself in the back