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lirik lagu ghostie – wrathful


yeah, huh (revenge), yeah, huh (revenge)
yeah, huh (revenge), yeah, huh (revenge, i must devour)
yeah, huh (revenge), yeah (revenge)
yeah (revenge, revenge)
running this sh~t into the—

wrathful, huh, yeah, uh, spiteful, uh
wrathful, uh, uh, uh, spiteful
i’m wrathful, huh, uh, spiteful, oh
wrathful, yeah, uh

[verse 1]
if you ever crossed me, i’m finna cross you back
if you ever stole from me, then i’m stealin’ you back
if you ever took from me, if you ever took my thoughts
if you ever took any f~cking pride, you gon’ get lost, uh

wrath, yeah, huh (revenge), perfect (revenge), huh~huh
sins, yeah, huh (revenge), perfect (revenge), huh~huh
(revenge) i (revenge)
(revenge) yeah (dj, no collusion, revenge)

[verse 2]
if you ever took me off, then tried to be my f~ckin’ friend again
i’ma need it back, yeah, i need it back tenfold
stompin’ all my enemies out, no one roast, bro
if you don’t lock up, then i’m stompin’ you out, bro
f~ck n~gga, what, n~gga? (i must devour)
really wanna k!ll n~ggas, really wanna drill n~ggas
i am so emotionless, do not wanna feel n~ggas
if you wanna play, it’s okay, got drama? bring out the ks
(revenge) runnin’ this sh~t into the— (revenge)
(revenge) runnin’ this sh~t into the— (revenge)
(revenge) runnin’ this sh~t into the— (revenge)
yeah, yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah
(revenge) runnin’ this sh~t into the— (revenge)
f~ck, i’m gon finish, n~gga
[?] n~gga
don’t care if you watch me, n~gga, watch me, n~gga
[?] b~tch, b~tch, yeah
wrathful, wrathful, sinful, sinful
revenge, revenge, sinful, ful
wrathful, huh
i have one more [?] song