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lirik lagu funkdoobiest – who’s the doobiest


get down to the sounds of the underground funk
jump with us, jump them n-gg-s in the trunk
we’re the imperial funk ill material
funkdoobiest crushin’ like a cheerio
stereo, f-ck deney terrio, a burial
it’s what you get when you come to the set
kickin’ up dust [??]
when they can’t push and know it for a reason
blazin’ the funk with my vocals
i am the loco, n-gg- gettin’ warm like a hot cup of cocoa
acapulco, rio de janeiro
ah sit back, it’s the funk superhero
vocal avenger, remember
punk -ss defender, surrender
i’m the protector of hip hop
i wreck shop to rip rock
flip flops get flipped out, take a dump in a zip lock

so who’s the doobiest?
we’re the funkdoobiest!
who’s the doobiest?
we’re the funkdoobiest!
yo who’s the doobiest?
we’re the funkdoobiest!
who’s the doobiest?

[verse 2: tomahawk funk]
are you ready? aw get set
let the rhythm hit your soul with a dose of the doobie
ho’s in motions, the girls get to flowin’
i’m showin’ you i can run with the track
i’m ready for a fool
i hit you with my axe and ask questions later
back on the b-ss, check out the drums and the b-ssline
the doobie’s gettin’ wrecked in the joint
the point gets proven, i can flow don’t ya know?
i’ll step on the war path and give you a battle
so chill, a real wooden arrow feels like
runnin’ through your body
check the pain, i maintain, don’t make me blow up
other who’s tribe will show up
holler, dread, hear the war cry
i’m gettin’ serious, you need a hit of this
tribal arrival, it’s the doobie
got any questions? feel free to ask
you won’t last, check the thump of the tomahawk blast