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lirik lagu frank turner – song for eva mae


“song for eva mae”

eva mae,
i remember the date you were born
it was the summer
your mum and dad called me up to say how proud
they were
voices wringing with the love of a new born child
light shining in their eyes, expectant smiles

eva mae,
well your father and i have been friends
many years
watch the world around us change,
hoped our hopes, feared our fears
he asked me to watch you, as you grow
hold your hand through the highs and lift you up through the lows

now eva mae,
don’t you judge me too hard
i try to be a good man to be the best with what i got
eva mae,
i will teach you what i know
and watch over you everywhere that you go

eva mae,
i have made many mistakes
in my time
built my share of bridges and broken hearts
i’ve told lies
i have not always followed my own advice
i’ve fallen flat
but eva darling sometimes that’s just life

eva mae,
with the way that i am i might not
much be around
but i’ll stop in from time to time to share
the things i’ve learnt
you should keep your friends and family close
and always always always try to say yes
and we can not ever one of us be perfect
but darling we can try our best

now eva mae,
i won’t ever judge your heart,
just try to be a good girl and do the best with what you got
now eva mae,
i will teach you what i know,
and watch over you everywhere you will go
everywhere you will go



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