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lirik lagu flight of the conchords – new zealand symphony orchestra (live in london)


bret: we’re very lucky
to be touring, uh

your country
with, uh, special guests

we’d like to welcome to the stage

please give a london warm
welcome to the one and only

new zealand symphony orchestra

this is nigel
he’s the new zealand symphony orchestra

i know you’re thinking, “well
this is a very small orchestra,”

because we’ve seen
the kind of orchestras

that you guys are
always harping on about

no, that actually
wasn’t intended, that pun

no, but it was a good one

next time i say it, i’ll intend it

but that was without intention

but, um, he is a small
orchestra, but per capita

he’s actually bigger
than your orchestra

we’re gonna play
one of our older songs

this one is set in the 14th century

it’s very popular, this song in
england, but only in england

because it has a recorder in it

you love a bit of recorder

you love some weird things

could we get some
lighting that evokes

a medieval atmosphere, please?

thank you