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lirik lagu flight distance – when the satellites fall


when the satellites fall / flight distanceverse one – patienceyou got a
monkey on your back, not on some michael jacksonyou saw yourself as rather
bad since you were cytoplasmyou saw a bike when you were five and thought,
i’d like to have you just sn-tched it, didn’t you? that’s your rite of
p-ssagebut that was wrong and you knew it so you felt like a bad–ssthen
the guilt just ate you up, already quite the catholicit’s twice as tragic,
’cause you’re good and you don’t like the havocbut you can’t help it and
relish it, call it type sporaticthere’s tragedy in your trajectory, you’ve
dodged some bulletsthey’d pull the wool and you’d push it and often call
their bullsh-tyou gave history a hysterectomy and crawled into ithad
something but misdirected it with all the movementand now, you’re
autopilot, blind and fossil-fueled or carbon-neutralvomit tossed and
spewin’ as you carve a blueprintonto two-inch tape with razor, you’re a
sovereign uniti just roll my eyes and laugh because i always knew itchorus
benderwhen the satellites fallwho’ll be standin’ up above when the whole
world grinds to a halt?when it breaks apart, when the satellites fallwho’ll
be laughin’ up above when this black hole swallows us all?verse two
benderyou got a sharkbite on your abdomen, that’s self-inflictedall your
idols live in h-ll, you’re rubbin’ elbows with ’emyou’ve got a h-llenistic
vision of the h-ll you live inis this real or television? you can’t tell
the differencewishin’ on the middle finger of that monkey pawyou want some
diamond rings to shimmer on that rusted clawthat’s not a monarch that’s
inside you, that’s a f-cking moththat moth is wearing death’s head, he’ll
eat your stomach rawyou see some kind of revolution that you’ve
mastermindedwith plans to televise and sell off time for advertis-m-ntsyou
treat delusions like your children in the way they’re nuturedif you had
children, you would set them loose to rape and murderplayin’ chicken with
the angel of your self-destructionyou felt this comin’ since they snipped
you off the bellyb-ttoni guess the joke’s on you, it’s looking like you’ve
raised a phoenixi guess the joke’s on me too, there ain’t no sp-ce between
usrepeat chorusverse three escrolyou got a needle in your genius like
you’re charlie parkeryou think you need it but it treats you like a
sparring partnerwho eat their children whole and call themself a starving
artist?it’s hedonistic how you feeding off that heart of darknessyou
treading gently but you front like you was waterboardedthey call it
torture, but you longing to be drawn and quarteredthey got you cornered so
you warn ’em you in different cl-ssesyou lit a match but then you p-ssed it
off as splittin’ atomsa minute p-ssed and now you waitin’ on that final
hourit’s been established that you’re captain of this ivory toweryou sit in
static while you wonder why you’re uninspiredwhile you’re pickin’ shrapnel
out your papercuts with rusted pliersyou got a chauvinistic vision of the
solar systemis this real or motion pictures, like you know the
difference?that broken english can’t describe it when the sky is fallin’all
that you could hope for’s to die with honour, so sayonararepeat chorusoutro
benderwhatever you do, don’t look up…