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lirik lagu flatsound – i’ve been thinking about you


well, there was an old women who said her goodbyes
by gathering everyone she knew and telling them her lies
“i wasn’t faithful to my husband, i lied to my friends
but in the end, i was thinking about you.”

when my mom had my brother, she was no older than me
so why is it so hard to imagine a family
where i’m the one in charge, and not just a kid?
and i think of what she did

and my mind tells me to stop and compare what we do
on top of everything, she was just a child too
she wasn’t giving up, despite the things she said
when she left, she was thinking about you

i convince myself every day i’m not gonna disappear
you think i’d be okay with the thought after twenty years
but the ideas keep me up and even if i could sleep
i wouldn’t wanna dream ’cause i’m thinking about you
and it’s driving me mad

i don’t want to think about what we said
or have to justify why i stay in bed
instead of going out with my friends all the time

is it so hard to believe that sometimes we
as human beings get sad?