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lirik lagu finlince! – way too late


i been doing that sh-t everyday yo
on the grind every motherf-cking day yo
people be chatting bare sh-t yo
cause they know a boy getting rich oh

but lately
it’s too late b
i don’t take that mothaf-cking hate
it’s too bait b
but i did that sh-t everyday b

these rappers really talk about..
gun and knives
it can really f-ck around with other ppls lives
one blade through
one bullet through
it can f-ck up a lot of people’s lives too

focus on yourself
and only the closest
home is really where your heart is

don’t let people be, chatting bare sh-t
cause that sh-t, really f-cks up
my heart, no heart, no, no b-tching
do that sh-t everyday b-tch no
pull up with a stick, let it mothaf-cking hit type sh-t!
no, no b-tching
i didn’t even need that b-tching

way too late. it’s way too late yo, it’s way too late