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lirik lagu fellatia geisha – insatiable fellatia


[verse 1: fellatia geisha]
boy if you knew what i do
in my room when i listen to your music
you’d lose it
the booty is moving
i feel so beautiful
lip-syncing in the mirror
to your lyrics
makes me feel fearless
and i’m shaking my hips
while i feel on my br–sts
it helps me practice my breath control
yea he heard i like rappers
yea you know i like rappers
but i’m no ladder climber
i just can’t compartmentalize
my p-ssions into fractions
when it’s really a continuum
a natural attraction
i bat my lashes
yea you know that i’m bat sh-t
i’ma give you all my rashes
i’ve been so bad i need lashing
and a leash
treat me like a doggy
and if he want a feature
you got to deposit
a lot of s-m-n in me
then eat out
and spit it back in my mouth
on some ouroboros sh-t
while we’re on tour in europe
because i sh-t where i eat
and i bite the hand that feeds me
i’m greedy

it’s not thirst, it’s hunger
it’s not thirst, it’s hunger
and fellatia is insatiable

[verse 2: fellatia geisha]
we’re making out
put your tongue in my mouth
then i bite down!
ha ha ha ha ha!
i bit your tongue off
because i don’t want compet-tion
and your rhythm is exquisite
i must eliminate him
i admit i’m kind of jealous
you got b-tches
and when you perform you glisten
yea you really are a vision
from another dimension
and i am just demented
i lament the end of listening
to your tongue twisting
your written verses are like scriptures
thanks for mixing and mastering my tracks
my master
you b-st-rd!
am i more than a piece of -ss?
tell me, do you like my raps?
tell me you like my raps!
you’ll never rap again without your tongue!
never lay another track!
never lick another crack!
[evil laughter]