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lirik lagu faded red – sparkplug


baby i’m a mushroom cloud, bursting from the raze and proud
leaving them to wonder how, explanation starting now
can’t be slowed by the insults they hurl at my door
darling i’m a fleeting kiss, foreshadowing steamy bliss
so can you handle this? you’ll be haunted by what you miss
who gives a f-ck about size anymore? it’s how you use it

these words come from my darkest reaches, mere grains on my cerebral beaches

chorus: believe me as i say i’m the peak of evolution
i stand in no one’s way; i’m the global ideal solution
all my -ssets are there for the taking, it’s fire that i’m making, don’t you ever put me out
just remember when i rise from the ashes, i’ll cut down the fastest, don’t you ever run me down

baby i’m anarchy’s son, raising h-ll just to have some fun
i motivate everyone, to stand up and say they’re done
omnipotent yet in an in-their-face kind of style
darling i’m your cup of tea, filling you up m-ssively
with the perfect energy, to let your ideas run free
hey girl hey they’ll take you a million miles


i’m just a wet dream, bursting in the best scenes giving you something to try out in the next weeks
making you feel pretty so you’ll terrorize the city everybody better hide ‘cause you don’t tolerate the sh-tty
i dare them all to make me fall; my soul’s made me ten feet tall
let’s have a ball