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lirik lagu face to face – wasted life


i could be a soldier
go out there and fight to save this land
be a people’s soldier
paramilitary gun in hand
i won’t be a soldier
i won’t take no orders from no-one
stuff their f-cking armies
killing isn’t my idea of fun

they wanna waste my life
they wanna waste my time
they wanna waste my life
and they’ve stolen it away
i could be a hero
live and die for their ‘important’ cause
a united nation
or an independent state with laws
and rules and regulations
that merely cause disturbances and wars
that is what i’ve got now
all thanks to the freedom-seeking hordes

i’m not gonna be taken in
they said if i don’t join i just can’t win
i’ve heard that story many times before
and every time i threw it out the door

still they come up to me
with a different name but same old face
i can see the connection
with another time and a different place
they ain’t blonde-haired or blue-eyed
but they think that they’re the master race
they’re nothing but blind fascists
brought up to hate and given lives to waste