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lirik lagu fabolous – brooklyn’s finest


“brooklyn’s finest”

aiyyo drama this the first
this the first time you had a n-gg- from brooklyn
i think with a gangsta grill man
and i-i-i, i just wanna
i-i just wanna say thank you man
for takin brooklyn down bottom y’knahmsayin?
lettin n-gg-z see what’s goin on man
i know n-gg-z heard a lot about brooklyn
they heard about big, they heard about jay
but brooklyn’s still comin n-gg-, we still comin
there’s a lot of n-gg-z, y’knahmean? brooklyn is one of the
hungriest places in this muh’f-ckin planet
we walk around with our ribs touchin n-gg-
i’m still touchin – e’rywhere i walk