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lirik lagu exhumed – bone fucker


[musick & lyrixxx – matt harvey, 1995]

the mouldy earth crumbles under my pick-axe, the hardened turf gives up its
morbid harvest, cracking the earthen crypt with my rusted spade, disinterrment
of the pieces from where they lay to rest… the arduous task reveals my
unhealthy reward, a long dead stiff is the fruit of my labours, fracturing the
brittle wooden coffin, to reveal the skeletonized remains that i savour… the
horrendous stench only serves, to heighten my antic-p-tion, rotted prizes
bring with them, the prospect of gratification… fellating the femur as my
-n-s quivers anxiously, i tongue the mandibles as i work myself into a frenzy,
my sphincter twitching uncontrollably in expectation, with a firm grip on the
fibula i commence my -n-l penetration… my b-ttocks clenched tightly around
the bone, a wave of sensual pleasure washes over me as i groan, again an again
i fill myself, squirming in ecstacy, my prostate is tormented by the
splintered bones abrupt entry… this tortured -n-s is stretched by the
entry of the tibia, i grimace in an amalgam of pleasure and pain, my fetish
for osseus necro-perversion i l-stily pursue, my erection engorged with blood
as my -n-s is strained… my crudely fashioned ossified d-ld-, an instrument
of supreme t-tilation, bizarre necro-sodomy my only end, and i pursue it with
fervent dedication… i gnaw on chalky metatarsals, grinding my -n-s on the
musty bones, me p-n-s lodged in the rib cage, in this grave, i climax alone…