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lirik lagu every time i die – typical miracle


typical miracle

i need a new rock bottom. i’ve got to find a beloved back alley. i’m bored
as h-ll in soddom and eden is just another dry county. the local haunts have
been blessed, all their spirits dispossessed. even our bed is the second best
and the end isn’t near it is now. these drugs won’t even bring me down. i wanna
dance but i don’t hear a sound. you can’t f-ck when your friends are around but
my slow death drew a crowd. can’t take two sins off of one ox. pile them on
because she won’t spare the rod. you don’t drown faster the deeper you sink so
you best make peace and take in the sea. nurse that stray black dog. stay low.
keep digging. divine light continued to shine for so long that the battery died
and no spark can be seen in my eyes so it waved death down. the rapture came
and it went while my faith was treading cement. i’m h-ll bound but i’m heaven
sent so i’m lifted back into the ground. i’ve ascended back into the ground.
there was whiskey in the devil’s blood and there was blood in my cup so i will
make me a better grave. i will find my own way.