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lirik lagu eternal candle – the absurd sanity


the sun shines, the fire glows
death rains arrows of fire in modern bows

missiles and rockets, bombs dropped from on high
another death reborn a condemned with no why

precision death or random destruction
nothing is safe from war’s instruction

war, war, what is it good for
death and desolation around the globe tour

the children’s eyes, in sadness dies
the world’s power’s sharing their lies

peace, there is no release
will never the violence and corruption cease

life lost, young innocents and old
how can the perpetrators be so cold

life becomes death in the world’s hate
until all is done we pray and wait

the great deceiver, the great father of lies
behind all great leaders see their filthy eyes

like old stories, the lord of the flies
death be not proud, but still he dies

only winter’s cold, only summer’s heat
war never leaves, spring in the heart beat

in fear i lay down, in anger i tremble

war, war, what is it good for
what can i do for this human sore
nothing is still worth more