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lirik lagu esham – drive u2 suicide


“we probably gonna get killed by tryin’ to be like somebody

yes yes y’all (y’all)
and you don’t stop (stop)

once i start up my mind, get in let’s take a spin
lemme drive you to suicide i’m gone with the wind
i’m out my mind, and in my mind i travel through sp-ce and time
if you find me you see me, you can’t ’cause you blind
i decieve like adam and eve, you can’t believe
that i made the rhythm breathe, your eardrums bleed
in time, you will find i’m out my mind
but you don’t know ’cause if you knew me
you would know for sure, so let me drive you to suicide

keep it on, keep it on and shockin’ the place
keep it on, keep it on and shockin’ the place
let me drive you to suicide

once i decide that i don’t wanna live no more
well i guess i gotta do what the devil told me to
voodoo, it’s kinda wicked, really wonder how i’m goin’ under
can you feel the pain when it rain and it start to thunder
i don’t really know where i gotta go
heaven or h-ll either or it don’t matter once your brain’s
once ya c-ck the hammer come along for the ride
i’ll see you on the other side and let me drive you to suicide


pop goes the weasel, shot gun blasted
hole in my head, funeral, closed casket
dead body layin’ on the bathroom floor
so i don’t gotta worry ’bout the pain no more