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lirik lagu enslavement of beauty – traces o’ red – the fall and rise of vitality


“no kind of sensation is keener and more active than that of pain
its impressions are unmistakable”

prithee… charm me fro’ mine mortal guise
i fear, by my throth, the evenfall o’ youth
may i succ-mb to thee and claim thy most vital kiss…

so what are you waiting for…

“what lack of movement! what ice!
nothing stirs me, nothing excites me…
i ask you, is this pleasure? what difference on the other side!
what tickling on my senses! what excitement in my organs”

fro’ aurora’s bed, of gods eyesight lost, a sick man she’d his tears
did i live dead or did i live at all when i knew nought but mortal fears

the fume of my sighs draped the soil
intertwined with the fresh morning dew
i bedevilled my name and succ-mbed to thy seductive flesh
in hope to remember the view

i taunt thee… daughter o’ seraphs
oh, i bevail thy loss of innocense…
i will write, by my troth, a sonnet to thee my beloved

haunting… i wander through the crowded streets o’ london
dressed to kill and live and let live and leave traces o’ red

i think i’m kinda falling in love with you

oh, fair virgin… spread thy angelwings and crown me for being a madman

innocense and fear, mirrored in the savage eyes of lechery
sweet sixteen, sweet innocent colleen
i crave the sweet, sweet taste of thy naked v-lv-
sucking, sucking… and so on and so forth ’til i besmear thy innocense
mesmerized by thy poisonous wine
ah, i fall in love…