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lirik lagu emjaysoul – tell me something


tell me something real bout me
is you the type of b~tch that’s actually going drill by me
cause false flagging n~ggas be the main ones screaming gang gang
it’s different cause i feel like you my main thing

cause i’m a p~i~m~p like i’m curtis jackson
you kind of got me feeling different man like i’m (?)
and i promise you, if somebody got a problem, we gon slide out
i be having different hoes like its that try~outs

but on second thoughts you be having me even thinkin
i’d rather link up with you than be hanging with the demons
(?) man i’m pushing through the bleeding

i’m gon to keep you tucked off like a blinky
keep you out of public high fashion (?) that’s how we drummin
bills paid, vacays, we spend it like it’s nothing
it’s never up for discussion. what they talkin bout?

i’m in the uk with emjay. we rep a hundred made
they gonna ask how many plaques i got, i got a hundred made
you get stuck in the same place like n~gga, where your faith?
praise up to god i pray he can safe



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