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lirik lagu eddy braveaux – him


i ain’t wit that tough sh~t, b~tch i don’t have to
f~ck a twitter finger, b~tch my n~ggas comin’ at you
cool sh~t, f~ck that, n~gga imma run up
i give a f~ck what you talkin’ bout, wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup, bam bam
wassup, wassup, wassup, yeah yeah
d~mn, hit the ground b~tch
d~mn, we gone pound sh~t
d~mn, hit the ground b~tch
d~mn, we gone pound sh~t

yessir, got d~mn these n~ggas want smoke, i got pressure
you been in the gym but i don’t think you wanna press up
all red i feel like him, just a little fresher
i’ll be honest i like lesbians and when they wrestle
yes i do, now make that p~ssy pop just like a vessel
lemme beat it up i wanna put it on a stretcher
professor with the x, i guess she ain’t learn her lesson
she up on her knees, usher raymond, no confessions
tried to put it on me but i’m always the aggressor

i feel like im deebo, i be ballin’ oladipo
pull up to yo’ home, with that tooly no home depot
im a florida g though, makin’ plays like dan marino
b~tch this is a tesla i control it with a remote
i got chips, no casino, that’s wherever we go
got that rocket power you can ask my n~gga tito
im lookin for a freak hoe, so i hit puerto rico
she callin’ me papito, gettin head “desp~cito”
my chick is filipino, she wetter than the sea though
yo’ b~tch is like dasani while my b~tch is pellegrino
i’m divin’ in that el nino, thinkin’ i’m finding nemo
she already made me bust but i might f~ck around and i reload
red dot beam on the thing from deep though, we ain’t shootin’ no free throws
my bro always got that iron, swear that n~gga magneto
me and my n~ggas be talkin’ bout racks but sh~t y’all n~ggas don’t see those
and y’all really ain’t gettin’ no bread i heard y’all n~ggas on keto
i am, him him
him, with the limb
lil n~gga, flexin’ in the gym
ball hard, hangin off the rim
who is that? b~tch i feel like him
i am him, n~gga i am him
i am him, n~gga i am him
i am him, aren’t you tired of him
i am him, b~tch you know i’m him