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lirik lagu echobelly – bunty


lost my ticket at the gate,
and now l’m cross and now i’m late,
the station has a lengthy cue,
and you said i could be with you,
but will you still be waiting,
when i finally get to,
where you’re waiting to.

met you at the old school gate,
where you were hanging with your mates,
you flicked your fingers through your hair,
it was chilly for that time of year,
my head went spinning into sp-ce,
just like you’d smacked me in the face.

when i got there in the end,
i caught you srogging with my friend,
what if she’s pretty, if she is smart,
i saw you first you broke my heart,
and life’s not fair and it’s so cruel,
‘cos you said i could be with you.

now i don’t think you’re good enough,
and after school i’ll beat you up.