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lirik lagu dyingsoon – claudia


you can’t do this
you can’t do that
f~ck is you saying you know you can’t rap
i know that ur hoping that you’re the one
to end all the misery shrouded with guns
shrouded with children that pray they can eat
mom and dad never help cuz their deadbeats
their hitting their kids
they won’t give em love
a boy and a girl who just scream for a hug
instead ur mind filled with a bottle and drugs
kids claw the floor as you wait for a plug
wishing they feed
they don’t have bed
marks on there arm like a tree in the woods
don’t have a home but the needle is fresh
hitting that heroin straight to ur flesh
knowing these demons they run through ur blood
crying for justice the sound of a scud

crying for help yet beating the kid till he’s dead on the ground
clues are left to be found
skin of elephant, a heart of the dead
nicotine poison is all i was ever fed
i honest to god hope you f~cking die
trip over ur ego, hang urself and record it live
all i want is to get to a different place are u trying to get free?
why isnt life fun? all about happiness, love and peace
man f~ck that sh~t
f~ck a legacy, cuz in the end i’ll be dead in a casket
nothing but ashes, cashing
all alone and all of this will be worthless
but im waiting as it’s just matter of time and all of it will mean nothing

i’m sick of this pain i’m so lost and alone
i’ll never amount to the goats on the throne
i’m writing this song but i just want to cry
is god just a story and jesus lie
is this just a tale made to put us at ease
if god was on earth where the f~ck is the proof
these answers you give are a cold grasp to hold
why are these humans so heartless and bold

laying in bed my body’s so cold
death on my mind as the evenings unfold
dreaming always about a better life, and better days, i just wanna awake alive again
take my eyes so i won’t ever have to see
take my heart so i won’t ever have to feel
cut the knife thru my heart
then put the glock to my head, dead

i dont even wanna live anymore
it seems like everything i touch breaks
everything’s falling apart
broken pieces of glass
shattered apart
love dies
i cannot pray enough
to who?
i dont know
for a better world?
for what? an ego?
or spreading love