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lirik lagu dub fx – hip hop


let the rhythm come straight from your hips and
let the fire come straight from your lips and
? let your culo hit the floor? enough deep?
? if i just as sweet? let me just rap to the beats?
because i’m motivated when it comes to the floor
drop the rhythm, everything is insecure
? can you take your lives of?5 0 m-ss?
put your foot to the ground
you are ready to dance

now see

you see deception
it’s the method to describe it and size it
? i tell you find, you just act? but you buy it
i take it you finally realize
that what you perceive to be rhythms full of lies

because it’s changing
see the world is rearranging
a profession that was? once i keep?
is all about money making
how can’t you see that the faking
be familiar with process
and so

? i’m simply off to go to process of the settlement?
? pull for dreams? hike your? beams? and element?
and realize it’s a one big deception
and don’t be fooled by the props of perception

it’s the chunky
you want to jump with me right now on this hip-hop beat
get ready to dance
? telling to freestyle for me brother

back in the cottage
shouts to the general
and general, i speak in many different tunes
big chunkstar, i ll be blazing up the earth
spitting off the verge, blessed by the earth
so you know i’m ready to spit the lyrics
see you get with it
big chunkstar got spirit
let me just chop it in? 16 gate kid?
because you know big chunkstar like to smoke the green
every single day on the road home
it is all where i ll be in my area code
i ll be the one with the wisdom
checking out the sizzler
getting a little stern
because i ll be mic
i might be just a guy
joke on the mic, bring the?
give me the microphone you know how we flow
big chunkstar i’m about to explode
chunkstar whipping the microphone since the youngster
i ll be in? suit
repercussion, you feel the repecussion
? full time
because you know we got a buster rhymes
chunkstar, ? i can’t sublime
big shout to k-a-dollar
hey, homie, i hear you holla
represent this dude c-h-u-n-k-y that too
i be the mic wreck
i be the mic wreck kind of guy
give me the microphone and you know i spit rhymes on
i spit the words, i spit out saliva
so i step right into this circle
you know i’m about to rip you off

oh yeah, thank you chunky


ok. see i’m a lyrical, mimical
a political and critical
a clinical?pinnacle?
i’m invincible, now cynical
i’m ridicule and?cd-full?
now people peep my noise?
i change voice?

imma pop a fuse
and i’m truth

because it doesn’t even make sense in the rhyme
i put it in the?lyric? because i have not got time
and it’s only one take to put it on the track
so if i make a mistake i can’t jump back

a lyrical genius
my motto is the easiest
can’t abuse it